Pamper Night Routine

I love having a pamper night every now and again to relax after having a stressful day or just to have some time to myself. I truly believe that one of the first steps to loving the body you have is to take care of it. My favourite way to do this is by treating myself to a pamper night. I thought I’d give you a bit of an idea of my routine and let you know what my favourite products to use are. Happy reading!

So I start by running a bath and popping in a lush bath bomb. Now its coming up to Christmas I am loving the festive bath bombs. My all time favourite is Golden Wonder. Whilst the bath is running I will get my favourite pyjamas ready for when I get out of the bath.

Next I take off all my make up from the day using Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I then pop  a face mask on, my favourite one to use at the moment is the Clarins Pure and Radiant Mask with Pink Clay.

After applying my face mask, I will get in the bath and start by washing my hair and applying a hair mask. I have a couple of favourite hair masks at the moment and just pick whichever one I fancy using at the time. My favourites are the Philip Kinglsey Elasticizer and the System Professional Repair Mask which I purchased from the hairdressers. 

 Once my hair mask is in, I like to sit back and relax. I take my iPad in the bathroom with me and watch Netflix or catch up on my favourite TV shows (Say Yes To The Dress is my guilty pleasure, don’t judge me).

I then like to use a body scrub. My favourites to use are Soap and Glory in Sugar Crush or I love the Body Shop scrubs because they smell amazing.

Once I have scrubbed my body I like to wash everything off and get out the bath to a nice warm towel from the radiator. I then like to apply some body butter again either from Soap and Glory or the Body Shop and pop my Pyjamas on.

When I’m out of the bath I will get into bed and carry on watching my fave programmes, read a book or sometimes I like to paint my nails. I will also apply a face oil or a heavier moisturiser so I wake up the next morning with really nourished skin.

So that is it, I hope you enjoyed having a nosey into what I do on a pamper night and what my favourite products to use are (and my fave programme to watch).

What is your pamper routine?

With Love,

Beth x

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