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Anyone that knows me will know that I love to be organised. I am that person that will quite literally pack everything but the kitchen sink wherever I go. At school I was the one that everyone would come to for everything from paracetamol and hand sanitizer to dry shampoo and nail polish. When I first started secondary school I even used to carry a spare pair of knickers in my school bag (which fyi I never had to use). As you can imagine, my bag used to be huge which people used to love taking the mickey out of me for, but hey, I would’ve been the one laughing if they had an accident and weren’t carrying a spare pair of knickers! Anyway, I thought I would share some of my tips that will help you to coordinate your life and to just become more organised in general.

Declutter your stuff

So first things first, if you want to get organised, get rid of everything you haven’t used/worn in the last six months. One thing I like to do is turn my coat hangers the opposite way in my wardrobe then put them back normally when I’ve worn an item of clothing. That way it is easy to see exactly what you wear the most. Get rid of any items that are still facing the opposite way after 6 months. You can give these to your local charity shop or put them on depop to get a bit of money for them.

I also like to regularly go through my purse and handbag to get rid of any receipts or things that shouldn’t be in there. I like to keep my most recent receipts in my purse and any less important or older ones go in a plastic wallet or they get shredded.

Wake up earlier

Waking up that little bit earlier gives you a bit of time to make sure you’ve got everything you need and ensures you’re not in a mad rush for the door. Give yourself some time to sit down, have a good breakfast and plan what you need to take with you for the day.

Place all items you need with you in a basket or box near your front door

Get yourself a box or a basket that you can pop everything you need in for the day inside. Keep this by the front door and place everything you need inside the night before so that even on the mornings when you’re running really late, you will never forget anything.

Pack your lunch the night before

When I have work early in the morning, I make sure I pack both my lunch and my breakfast so it is ready to go in the morning. I like to pack breakfast as well as lunch because I sometimes find that I don’t have time to make anything in the morning. For breakfast, I pack myself some greek yoghurt mixed with honey and some berries or make overnight oats. For lunch I like to cook some whole wheat pasta and have it with salad or another favourite of mine is gnocchi which I mix with a pasta sauce. This will save you so much time in the mornings if you have it there ready to go.

Set reminders on your phone

If you’re like me, you will literally forget EVERYTHING! People always used to say to me that I’d forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on and that is totally true. That is before I started using reminders on my phone. Whenever I have any appointments, interviews or just things to remember in general, I put them in my calendar and set reminders on my phone that way you will never forget them because they’ll pop up whenever you look at your phone.

Spend twenty minutes a day cleaning

I saw this tip somewhere and thought it was such a good idea. It is great if you are like me and don’t put things away after yourself all the time (my boyfriend will vouch for that). Simply set a timer on your phone for twenty minutes and spend that time tidying up anything that needs putting away or cleaning. Twenty minutes isn’t long at all but will make your house look a lot more tidy and organised.

So there you have it, my tips for getting yourself organised. And no it doesn’t mean you have to carry round a pair of spare undies wherever you go (haha). These are just little things you can do every single day that will just help make your life a little bit easier.

What do you do to keep yourself organised?

With Love,

Beth x

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