BlogCon London 2017


If you follow me on twitter you will probably know that this weekend I went to my first ever blogging event – BlogCon London. BlogCon London (if you don’t already know) is hosted by the lovely Scarlett Dixon and is attended by around 400 bloggers/youtubers. As this was my first ever event I thought I would tell you all about it…


The day consisted of talks with others in the industry and networking with both brands and other bloggers/youtubers (and a whole lot of freebies). There were three round tables and each had their own schedule for half an hour talks with others in the industry. The talks were incredibly helpful and inspiring, each with a chance to ask questions at the end. I came away with lots of really valuable information. I particularly enjoyed the talk from Hayley Rubery about turning your blog into a career and also from Debs Stubbington who’s talk was all about outfit shooting and blog photography.


Around the room there were stands where you had the chance to go and try products and talk to brands. These ranged from Chi Chi to Cute Nutrition and Forever Living. Many had little goody bags full with products to try. There was also lots of interactive activities to do such as hair braidingĀ and plenty of selfie competitions.


For me the best part was having the chance to meet other bloggers and ask lots of questions. I came away from the event feeling really inspired and can’t wait for the next one in summer, I will most definitely be going along.

Have you been to any blogging events? Let me know in the comments as I would love to venture out and do some more.

With love,

Beth x



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